Preventing violent extremism through empowering youth in Jordan, Libya, Morocco and TunisiaYoung people make up nearly 1,2 billion of the world's population and this number is only set to increase. In 2016, one in four young people (15-29 years old) is affected in one way or another by violence or armed conflict.

How the resilience of young people manifests itself depends heavily on their social, economic and political environment. When young people are empowered and given opportunities for civic engagement, they are more likely to build on their resilience constructively. For this reason, young people are an essential asset in peacebuilding.

In accordance with the Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015)(link is external) on youth, peace and security, as well as UN Global Counterterrorism Strategy(link is external), we recognize that increased investment in youth is a necessary step to prevent and counter violent extremism. Read more


source: UNESCO