Opening of the first session of the Youth Parliament for the year 2021 in Maradi: exchanges on themes of common interest and guided tours on the program of the sessionThe youth parliament of Niger opened the work of its first session for the year 2021 in Maradi. Several speeches marked the opening ceremony of this work. During this session, themes relating to health, employment, democracy, children's rights, citizenship and good governance will be developed. The opening ceremony was placed under the high patronage of the 1st Vice President of the National Assembly Mr. Kalla Ankouraou.

In his speech on this occasion, the First Vice-President of the National Assembly developed several themes. Thus, concerning the rainy season, he indicated that this year torrential rains caused significant damage and made many victims. This is why Mr. Kalla Ankouraou asked for a fatiha for the rest of the souls of those who have lost their lives and to sympathize with the victims. He also asked the junior deputies to take advantage of the summer holidays to assist their parents in the field work in order to significantly contribute to food self-sufficiency which occupies a prominent place in the renaissance program act II of the President of the Republic, Head of the State, Mr. Mohamed Bazoum.

The threats of terrorist groups in our country were the second point of the intervention of the 1st Vice-President of the National Assembly. "It is to better ensure the safety of the populations that the government has taken various measures, including the establishment of a state of emergency and the intensification of the military presence in the areas concerned," he said. Mr. Kalla Ankouraou maintained that this fight which takes place in the asymmetric form will be long, but the victory is certain. Read more


source: The Sahel