24 and 25.09.2021 - Second edition of the West African Youth Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals in DakarThe REJELAO (Network of Young Leaders of West Africa) was set up in February 2020 at the end of the first edition of the West African Youth Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals. in Saint Louis in Senegal.

The main objective is to strengthen the action capacities of associations in our region so that they can participate in the achievement of sustainable development objectives and especially of the African Union's agenda 2063.

Founded on the principle of volunteering, the network brings together very dynamic associations in the field and dedicated to the achievement of objectives. These organizations come from West African countries as permanent members and from other African countries as observer members.

The member associations operate in the fields of education, training, health, culture, crafts, promotion of women, youth, sustainable development, prevention of peace, protection of minorities, human rights. Man, democracy, good governance, the environment, the promotion of volunteering, entrepreneurship, employability of young people, etc.

REJELAO launched the second edition of the West African Youth Forum on Sustainable Development Goals led by FAADEV with the theme « Multidimensional crises and youth resilience in the Sahel: what actions for the rebirth of the Africa we want and the achievement of the SDGs by 2063? ».

This year, the forum will examine the relationship between conflict prevention and economic opportunities, the rule of law and human rights, inclusion in governance and civic processes, in particular the participation of women and young people to social cohesion and economic, united and sustainable development.

The objective of the forum is to promote the mixing of knowledge and the sharing of know-how in a participatory approach. Indeed, it will be a question of encouraging young people, youth organizations and women to communicate with one voice for the achievement of the sustainable development objectives aligned with the African Union's agenda 2063.

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