Niger: protection of the planet at the heart of the celebration of International Youth DayThe whole world is celebrating this August 12, 2021, International Youth Day with the aim of promoting, especially among young people, the global program of action for youth.

This program encourages action in favor of young people in ten priority areas. Education, employment, malnutrition and poverty, health, environment, drug addiction, juvenile delinquency, recreation, little girls and young women. In addition to these areas, there is the full and complete participation of young people in the life of society and in decision-making. It also recommends action to implement the program at national, regional and global levels.

The objective is simple: "to draw the attention of the international community to the problems of young people", details the United Nations site. Young people are also presented as “essential agents of change”.

August 12 therefore makes it possible, each year, to schedule several conferences and debates related to youth. Also highlighted is the UN World Program of Action for Youth, which summarizes the major international policies concerning this category of the population.

In Niger, for example, the celebration of this Day is centered around the theme: "Transforming food systems: innovations by young people for human health and that of our planet". Read more


source: VivAfrik