Toubacouta - Management of ecosystems, mangroves and derived products in primary schoolThe “Dianko Mané” primary school in the village of Dassilame-Sérère, located 5 to 6 km southwest of Toubacouta, in the heart of the Saloum Delta, has been converted in recent years into a potential vector of good practices in the area. management of ecosystems, of the mangrove as a breeding ground for the numerous animal and plant species of the Saloum Delta, including fish, oysters and young shoots of the two categories of the aquatic plant. But also an environment of refuge for certain species of birds and other colonies of bees which have taken up residence there, for the production of honey.

Even if, in this school, working conditions are still precarious, its partnership with the organization “Wetlands” Senegal allows a more incisive community dynamic to emerge around the protection of the mangrove's immune system. Apart from the sanitation and plastic waste collection operations regularly carried out by this establishment on the perimeters of this village and its surroundings, other awareness campaigns aimed at parents are also carried out by young schoolchildren with the aim of pushing parents and the adult population in particular towards a behavior "in phase with the environment". Read more


source: South Online