Young people sensitized to social cohesion and peace through footballAbidjan- The Unesco office in collaboration with the NGO Sports Without Borders (SSF) sensitized the youth of the district of Abidjan to social cohesion and peace, through football matches called "Tournoi de la consolidation of peace ”whose apotheosis was celebrated on Saturday, April 24, 2021, at the Djessi Jackson sports complex in Yopougon.

This initiative is part of the PBF Unpeacebuilding Fund project “Strengthening the participation of youth, women and communities in Peacebuilding”.

According to the initiators, this tournament aims to contribute to bringing communities and peoples closer together, in order to sensitize young people on living together in their cultural diversity, by strengthening links through messages of peace and the spirit of fairness. play as well as the other values ​​of sport. Read more