Infox epidemic: digital “barrier gestures” to adopt tooIn this period when media and information education (EMI) is done ... at home, its role in the fight against adulterated or fraudulent information is essential. Whether on mass media or social media and other instant messaging, infoxes are invasive, especially with regard to the coronavirus.

However, disinformation about the coronavirus can contribute to worsening the pandemic but should not inhibit our critical thinking in the face of a media coverage, which produces a hypnotic effect unmatched since September 11, 2001) in all directions.

Media and information education makes it possible to understand the mechanisms, to acquire a repertoire of "barrier gestures", and to anticipate the post-coronavirus, where it will be necessary to ask the question of the impact of the pandemic on our shared digital public space.

Typology of infox

Infox is a threat to the integrity of information: opinion vs. fact, manipulation of minds vs. collective intelligence… Infox is also a threat to democratic societies (integrity of elections, political interference by foreign third parties, etc.). Read more


source: The Conversation