"Sport is an extraordinary tool" Laurent Dupont, Director General of Peace and sportOn April 6, the #WhiteCard campaign created by Peace and Sport will be back to promote the positive and constructive values ​​of sport. On this occasion, Laurent Dupont, general manager of the organization, answered our questions.

Founded in 2007, Peace and Sport uses the structured practice of sport as a tool to build lasting peace. The organization educates the younger generations in positive values ​​and promotes social transformation and dialogue between communities.

To maximize awareness of the potential of sport for positive social change, this organization launched, in 2014, the #WhiteCard campaign and the platform www.april6.org. Each year, to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, this digital campaign reaches millions of people around the world via social networks.

What is Peace and Sport?

It is an international organization, based in Monaco, created by Joël Bouzou (Olympic medalist and world champion in modern pentathlon) in 2007. It is placed under the High Patronage of his Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. Peace and Sport aims to use sport to promote and defend values ​​of peace. With this in mind, we use sport in contexts of social instability and in different parts of the world, with the sole objective of providing a concrete solution to problems encountered on the ground.

How can sport be a vector of peace?

Sport is universal. It is practiced everywhere in the world with the same rule without it needing to be translated. As it is a language spoken by everyone, it is an extraordinary tool for achieving the goals of peace. In addition, one does not need very developed structures to practice the sport in various places. It is on the basis of these assumptions that we have transposed, in partnership with MyCoach, the Peace and Sport methodology into a mobile application, Peace and Sport x MyCoach. The mobile application is a turnkey tool for peace educators who wish to use sport to transmit values. Read more


source: CNews