Continental overview bridges between CESA and SDG 4 in AfricaIn this regional report on SDG4, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) provides an overview of the progress African countries have made in relation to Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education. (SDG 4) and the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA). It is part of the broader UIS initiative to unite and combine national, regional and global efforts to follow up on Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030, the majority of countries have not yet translated global targets into specific targets that could serve as benchmarks for regular reporting on their progress. In order to fill this gap and hold countries accountable for achieving the agreed global targets, since the 6th meeting of the Technical Cooperation Group (TAG) on SDG 4, seven indicators have been approved for reporting. global benchmarking. These seven indicators are examined during the regional benchmarking process, in order to take into account disparities between regions, sub-regions and countries.

Publication date : 2021

source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics

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