Women, key players in conflict preventionEditorial by Ms. Ruby Sandhu-Rojon, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel

The consolidation of peace in West Africa and the Sahel is everyone's responsibility. State actors, those of civil society, and regional and international partners each have a leading role to play in this long-term endeavor.

Because, an objective look at the situation in the region allows us to grasp the extent of the challenges, their tenacity and their complexity. It challenges us, every day more, on the requirement of a coordinated action between all the actors, and on the commitment of all to embark West Africa and the Sahel in a dynamic of peace and prosperity. .

The members of the United Nations Security Council were right, following the presentation of the report of the United Nations Secretary-General last July, to express their concern about the constant deterioration of the security conditions and the humanitarian situation in the countries of the United Nations. Sahel and to urge regional and international actors to continue to mobilize to help these countries cope with the peace and security problems they encounter.

Terrorism, violent extremism, community conflicts, climate change, illegal migration and its attendant violence are challenges that now exceed the response capacity of states in the region. They can only be addressed and dealt with through shared visions and coordinated approaches.

The effectiveness of the intervention of the various regional and international actors to face these challenges and so many others, lies, without a doubt, in the will to integrate and to associate the social, economic and political categories - at the national and regional level - in a process committed to consolidating peace.

Women and young people represent an important part of humanity - and this is even more true in West Africa and the Sahel - They have a decisive role to play in various fields, in particular that of conflict prevention and peace building. Read more

Publication date : 2019

source: UNOWAS

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