An urgent response to COVID-19: the significant participation of women in peace and ceasefire processesThis policy document demonstrates the importance of the full, equal and constructive participation of women in effective pandemic responses and peacemaking efforts. It also highlights how the agenda for women, peace and security can establish a crucial framework for sustainable solutions and inclusive decision-making. As efforts to reverse the curve of the pandemic are made across the world, violent conflict remains a tragic reality for too many people.

In March, the UN Secretary-General called for a global ceasefire to allow the planet to fight COVID-19. While the participation of women goes hand in hand with the adoption of durable solutions, the pandemic has shown that the agenda for women, peace and security is crucial for making inclusive and effective decisions.

This note recognizes the vital role of civil society organizations in mobilizing support for an urgent cessation of hostilities, inclusive ceasefire processes and comprehensive peace talks. It also presents a preliminary analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the participation of women in the ceasefire and peace processes and a series of recommendations, in particular with regard to “building back stronger”.

Publication date : 2020

source: UN Women

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