Six keys to a school anchored in the 21st centuryFor a school administration, when it comes to anchoring its school or its practice in the 21e century, it is a real shambles! Where to start? Which brick to lay first?

I offer you six keys to hold in order to change your own mentality and, consequently, your professional practice in order to inspire that of those around us.

First key: Establish a hybrid leadership oscillating between the authentic and the transformational

Transformational leadership emphasizes the vision and mobilization of teams who work to surpass themselves for the benefit of the school's educational project. In short, what is desired from the leader is that he develops various strategies ensuring that the members of the school community, which includes parents as well as students and teachers, adhere to the mission, the educational project and the school's strategic plan.

For its part, authentic leadership is more related to the personal attitudes that the leader reveals to others: empathy, honesty, accessibility, trust, etc. In short, he is a leader who is authentic, who is himself, no matter what situation he finds himself in; it is the same with parents, students and staff regardless of the situation. His interventions are coherent and all of what to stick to. The latter therefore embodies the institutional values ​​of the school.

Through his person, his leadership and his daily actions, everything is in symbiosis with the values ​​of the school and it is in particular through this symbiosis that the leader knows how to deploy the necessary means to mobilize his school team, in the broad sense of the term. , to implement new ways of doing things worthy of the 21e century. Read more


source: Trendy school - MARC-ANDRÉ GIRARD