How to develop a strong community of your online class?5 essential tips for building a strong online classroom community

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, teachers and their students are separated. This is why it is important to keep in contact with your students during this period of confinement. This link is based on certain practices already used in the classroom.

Caitlin krause, teacher for two decades and educational consultant. She moved much of her curriculum online a decade ago. In addition, she used all of the tools to engage her students: an online collaborative text tool called TitanPad. It allows several people to work, from several different computers, on the same document, and to make live modifications, visible at the same time by all the connected computers.

She created a class blog with her students to boost her lessons. Blogs can encourage struggling students to get involved in writing and creative work. Here she shares five effective tips for keeping in touch with her students:

1. Take care of yourself

This time of confinement imposed on us can be seen as an opportunity to take more care of ourselves. We rethink the good habits taken during this period can take hold. Do you have more time? This is what is most precious. Make good use of it. Read more


source: Teach well