Trainers, how to design a virtual classroom?In one previous post we were wondering how to run a virtual classroom. Paying attention to participants, putting warmth and enthusiasm in your voice, encouraging participation… that's good. But this is not enough. A virtual classroom must be designed with precision, to generate engagement and facilitate smooth animation.

A virtual classroom is not a webinar

A webinar is intended to communicate information, possibly to exchange and discuss. The dominant intention is to share information. A virtual classroom belongs to the world of training and skills development. The dominant intention is to facilitate learning for the participants.
This intention must carry your conception, guide your reflection in terms of duration, rhythm, pedagogical techniques.

Make the most of the possibilities offered by the virtual classroom application you use

Brice Bragato, from Live Session, shows which are the functionalities from which to appreciate a virtual classroom solution in this post. From experience, the design is much more precise and the animation more interactive and fluid when, beyond the basic functionalities of “remote meeting”, the virtual classroom solution allows… Read more


source: Vocational training