Warm-up and ice breaker, wake up your students at the start of the sessionWhen students arrive for class or trainees in training, they are often either stressed or asleep: they sometimes had to run to arrive on time and find the place of training, they worry about what awaits them and wonder if they will be up to it, wonder if they would not be better off elsewhere, answering their late e-mails for example. In short, they are not available for learning.

For the trainer, it can therefore be useful to carry out an icebreaker activity (also called " ice breaker ») Or waking up or warming up (warm up) to stimulate participants, to put them in good conditions to learn and work together.

We asked an experienced facilitator, Jean-Christophe Vinel (pictured below), consultant at Cnam, to explain what these activities consist of, how and when to use them? Read more


source: CNAM