Trainers, how do you run a virtual class?

The virtual classroom is becoming quite trendy these days. It is a precious tool, at a time when it is more than ever necessary to make connections, to learn together, to pursue skills development projects. However, it is not so easy to switch from face-to-face animation to online animation. Discover our recommendations.

Prepare carefully for your intervention in the virtual classroom

Write the precise scenario for your virtual classroom. Learners can quickly drop out: you therefore need a rhythmic, dynamic animation, which leaves no room for hesitation. We will come back to this in a post to follow, “Trainers, how to design a virtual classroom?”.

Warmly welcome each participant

Have you ever felt this sensation as a participant, in a virtual classroom training or in an online meeting? You log in, you hear the discussion already started, but no one seems to notice your presence! You say "hello" on the chat, or even on the microphone, and the discussion continues without you! The feeling of isolation, even rejection, is very unpleasant. And here is the participant who picks up even before having started ... Welcoming each one means being attentive to all the “movements” entering the virtual room. Put warmth, a smile in his voice. Ask about the quality of each participant's connection. Make everyone feel that we are happy that they are there. Read more


source: Vocational training