Here are 100 ideas for teaching models, activities, techniques and postures that can help you build interventions that can stimulate learners' desire to learn.

Welcoming emotions

Verbalize negative feelings, ask for details, express wishes in an imaginary way.

Planned improvement

The participants are invited to carry out a first exercise which will highlight the interest that there would be for them to appropriate a new tool that would make their task easier.

Learn while moving

Participants are invited to learn by mobilizing their bodies: handling objects, moving around the classroom, standing activity, other.

Analysis of the training process

Participants are invited to lead a meeting in the presence of the teaching team to address questions relating to the organization and content of the lessons, with the aim of giving them meaning and improving them.

Problem-based learning

Participants work to solve a problem for which they have no particular competence, so as to acquire new knowledge and skills by being pushed to it by the necessities of the problem submitted.

Project-based learning

Educational approach based on the production of a production (film, presentation, model, etc.) to generate learning.

Learning through research

Educational approach which invites participants to adopt a researcher posture in order to learn: definition of a scientific problem, development of hypotheses, investigation, analysis and communication of results.

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source: Educational innovation