5 strategies for cultivating socio-emotional learning at schoolEducational programs are increasingly oriented towards the development of transversal skills. This specific attention paid to the promotion of emotional and social education tools for socio-emotional learning is explained in particular by a significant increase in anxiety and depressive disorders in children and the correlation between ill-being and academic difficulties. Moreover, According to scientists, reason and emotion do not constitute separate and autonomous faculties (the first governing the second), but rather are an integral part, along with cognitive processes, of a homogeneous network.

Education and socio-emotional learning

Emotional and relational education is an essential condition for individual and collective well-being. In addition, it aims to develop the skills of being and the relational skills (or psychosocial skills) of individuals in general, and children in particular, in order to allow them to release their inner potential and integrate harmoniously into the community. . Read more


source: Teach well