Title: Education and Radicalization Prevention: How Governments Can Help Schools and Teachers Prevent / Address Violent Extremism

Description: Education is undoubtedly at the heart of efforts to prevent young people from being drawn to ideologies, organizations and movements of violent extremism - whether emanating from Islamic or right-wing extremism or other threats aimed at societies committed to cohesion and inclusion. At the international level, some educational institutions and educational bodies have implemented a wide range of initiatives, some of which aim directly at preventing and combating violent extremism, and others at having a more indirect and targeted action. , in areas such as the fight against racism, citizenship or the pluralism of values.

We are starting to gather evidence on what “works” in these initiatives, in terms of interventions, building resilience and changing attitude. We have collected examples of inspiring ideas.

Publication date : 2019

Auteur: The Radicalization Awareness Network (RAN)

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