Toolbox: Free TogetherTitle: Toolbox: Free Together

Description: Rich in its diversity, creativity and vibrant energy, Francophone youth have their say, their solutions to offer and their struggles to bring to life their ideals in favor of living together. This desire was manifested on March 10, 2016 with the launch of the “Libres Ensemble” initiative, and has spread throughout our space in a few months. From the outset, it established itself on social networks as a rallying cry of more than two million young people who expressed in vigorous words their deep desire to come together, to "live together freely", to block the alternatives of hatred and violence that are sometimes offered to them. Today, how happy we are to see the initiative spread, spread out in a multitude of places, schools, campuses, cultural activity centers, forums and associations, on many occasions, and to transform itself in a citizen movement led by young people themselves. The creation of the Libres Ensemble toolbox presented here is part of this active dynamic. Developed by young people, for young people, this toolbox is intended to be the instrument of action, the pragmatic expression of the values ​​we advocate.

Publication date : 2016

Auteur: IFEF (OIF)

Link : Download