An effective and adapted pedagogyLearning depends on the pedagogical approaches used in the classroom by teachers.

Several teaching approaches are commonly adopted in schools, but some strategies are more effective and better suited than others. The effectiveness of pedagogy often depends on the subject taught, on understanding the different needs of learners and on adapting to the specific conditions of each class and the surrounding context. Generally speaking, good teachers believe in their students' ability to learn and use a variety of pedagogical approaches to enable this learning.

Aspects addressed and comments

Different types of pedagogy: the term pedagogy refers to “interactions between teachers, students and the learning environment as well as learning activities.” (6, p. 35) This broad notion covers how teachers and students interact as well as approaches educational programs implemented in the classroom. The spectrum of pedagogical approaches generally ranges from teacher-centered pedagogy to learner-centered pedagogy; While it is true that these two approaches may seem contradictory, they often complement each other when it comes to achieving educational goals - for example, a teacher-centered approach may be useful for introducing a new topic, while a A learner-centered approach may be necessary to enable students to study this topic and deepen their understanding. Read more


source: Learning Portal IIEP-UNESCO