On the Paths of Extremism in Africa: Drivers, Dynamics and TriggersIn today's world, the meteoric rise of violent extremism and its destructive consequences stand in the way of peace. In Africa, between 2011 and 2016, this phenomenon is said to have caused the death of some 33 people, led to massive population displacements, caused an economic collapse and caused one of the worst humanitarian catastrophe the continent has ever known. What is more, violent extremism directly and blatantly threatens the sustainability of the development gains of African countries in recent years. If nothing is done to counter it, this phenomenon risks hampering development prospects for generations to come. The significant increase in activities linked to violent extremism in Africa poses a serious threat to global security and development.

Because of their privileged position within the overall architecture of the response to violent extremism, development actors are called upon to play an essential role in avoiding and overcoming the pitfalls deriving from prevention. It is by leveraging their expertise and capacity to mobilize resources that it will be possible to address the structural causes of violent extremism, to help communities implement de-radicalization initiatives and to contribute to the development of violent extremism. the socio-economic reintegration of former members of violent groups. These are some of the critical areas that this report attempts to explore.

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source: UNDP

Publication date: 2017