Title: Women, prevention and fight against violent extremism in Mali

Description: Preliminary study for an action-research project under the scientific direction of Dr Bakary Sambé, Yague S. Hanne, Yousra Hamdaoui, with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

In the aftermath of the regional colloquium which took place last October in Mali on radicalization and violent extremism in the Sahel, countries like Mali, Nigeria and Libya were singled out as being seriously affected by terrorism. to the point of being destabilized. With a very large but poor territory, marked by a growing gap between the desert North (crossed by the Sahel and the Sahara) and the South, terrorist groups unfortunately do not lack space that is difficult to control to settle comfortably in the north. from this country. Between political crises, generally the fruit of repetitive coups d'état, a state that has failed on several levels, abuses by armed or terrorist groups, transition of all types of trafficking, marginalization claimed by certain populations and Tuareg irredentism, Mali suffers from numerous difficulties that eat away at it even within its territory.

Publication date : January 2017

Auteur: Timbuktu Institute

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