Countering violent extremism by refocusing on communities




This event is co-hosted by the US Institute of Peace (USIP), the RESOLVE Network and the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).

Chairperson: Dr Joseph Sany, Vice President, Africa Center, USIP


Dr Alastair Reed, Senior Expert, USIP and Executive Director, RESOLVE Network

Dr Akinola Olojo, Senior Researcher, Lake Chad Basin Programme, ISS

Dr Phoebe Donnelly, Research Fellow, International Peace Institute and Member of the RESOLVE Research Advisory Council

Bethany L McGann, Programme Officer, Programme on violent extremism, USIP and Research and Project Manager, RESOLVE Network

Violent extremist groups with international terror links are embedded in East, West and Southern Africa. Their activities foment local conflicts and enable organised crime rackets – destabilising already fragile political landscapes. Meanwhile, years of government-led security force interventions have not dislodged the insurgents. To deliver sustainable peace, local approaches must be included in strategies to prevent violent extremism. Read more


Source: Institute for Security Studies

Photo: Residents in the Benisheik area of Nigeria (Ashley Gilbertson/The New York Times)