How Women’s Studies Could Drive Change in the Arab World

Women’s studies has much to offer in the search for solutions to some of the Arab world’s most pressing social and economic problems today, yet it is often ignored by policy makers.

Why is it that we face skepticism when we promote women’s studies as an important field for paving the way toward achieving gender equality? The question is especially apt in the Middle East where female status isn’t at its best—a fact that needs to be stated whether we like it or not. Learrn more ....

Source: Al-FanarMedia

Global citizenship Education : a guide for policymakers

Title: Global citizenship Education : a guide for policymakers

Description: Although the Guide focuses on the formal education system, the GCED principles and approaches it describes are equally relevant to non-formal education settings, such as school clubs, youth associations, youth camps and community centres, and projects and activities implemented by civil society organisations (CSOs) and non-government organisations (NGOs). 

Issue date: 2017

Author: UNESCO


Education about the Holocaust and preventing genocide

TitleEducation about the Holocaust and preventing genocide

Description: The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for policy-makers who seek to implement or substantiate within their education systems the study of the Holocaust and, more broadly, the study of genocide and mass atrocities.

Issue date: 2017

Author: UNESCO



How devastating is climate change for world peace & security?

When the Security Council, the most powerful body at the United Nations, met last month to discuss the growing new threats to world peace and security, the discussion veered away from international terrorism, nuclear Armageddon and the rash of ongoing military conflicts in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

And 83 of the 193 member states remained collectively focused on one of the greatest impending dangers to humanity: the devastation that could be triggered by climate change.

In an interview with IPS, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna best captured the grim scenario when she declared: “Whether the issue is desertification in parts of Africa, forced migration of vulnerable people in Central America, conflict over water scarcity, or rising sea levels and tropical storms for small island states, the security aspects of climate change are pressing and multifaceted.” Read more...

Source: IPS News

Sahel strategies: why coordination is imperative

Title :Sahel strategies: why coordination is imperative

Description:  This study offers a comparative analysis of the various initiatives and strategies for the Sahel undertaken by multilateral actors

Issue date: 2015

Author: ISS


Why education is a vital step on route to peace and prosperity for Nigeria

For Nigeria to truly succeed, the government must provide our children and young people with an education system which is fit for purpose

Nigeria is a country rich in resources and natural wealth. However, despite this, we are failing to equip a vast number of Nigerian children with the skills they need to succeed in the world.

As we celebrate International Day of Education, we must reflect on the role that education can play in promoting peace and development.

Nigeria is persistently encumbered by bleak statistics about its socio-economic development and reports concerning militant attacks across the country. In 2018 UNICEF reported that there were 13.2 million children out of school in Nigeria – the highest number globally. Learn more...

Source :Thompson Reuters Foundation


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