Youth led guide on prevention of violent extremism through education

Tilte: Youth led guide on prevention of violent extremism through education

Description: The #YouthWagingPeace guidebook is a document for anyone interested in understanding Violent Extremism and exploring the relationship between Education and Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE). 

Issue date: 2017

Author: UNESCO


Organised crime meets terrorism in Tunisia

Over the past several years, links have been reported between terrorism and organised crime. The European jihadists responsible for the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 and Brussels in 2016 were involved in various criminal activities before being radicalised. Bratislava-based think tank GLOBESEC found links to many types of crime, from theft all the way to murder – and particularly illicit trade. Similarly, Jihadi terrorists who left their home countries to join Islamic State in Syria were found to have close ties with gangs and networks involved in robberies or drug trafficking. Learn more....

Source: ISS

Education and radicalisation prevention: Different ways governments can support schools and teachers in preventing/countering violent extremism

Tilte : Education and radicalisation prevention: Different ways governments can support schools and teachers in preventing/countering violent extremism

Description : Education is, arguably, central to preventing young people from being attracted to violent extremist ideologies, organisations and movements – whether extreme Islamist, far-right or other threats to cohesive, inclusive societies. Internationally, schools and education authorities have adopted a wide range of initiatives, some directly targeted at preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE), others more indirect and focused on areas such as anti-racism, citizenship or value pluralism ( i ). Learn more...

Issue date: 2019

Author : Radicalisation Awareness Network - RAN


Engaging world’s youth vital to preventing violent extremism, building sustainable peace

“Youth engagement has become a crucial factor in the global efforts to prevent violent extremism and to build sustainable peace”, said the moderator, Miguel Moratinos, the High Representative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), moderator of the event.

“They are not only our present, but our hope for the future,” he stated. Read more...

Source: News UN

A Teacher's guide on the prevention of violent extremism

Title: A Teacher's guide on the prevention of violent extremism

Description: This guidance seeks to provide countries with a set of resources that can help build and reinforce national capacities to address the drivers of violent extremism through holistic and pragmatic education sector-wide responses

Issue date: 2016

Author: UNESCO


Africa: sources and resources for a culture of peace

Title: Africa: sources and resources for a culture of peace

Description: The UNESCO action in favor of a culture of peace in Africa is placed in the context of the implementation of the “Iintersectoral and Interdisciplinary Program of Action for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence”1 as well as in the Mid-Term Strategy (2014 -2021) of UNESCO, which has identified "building peace by building inclusive, peaceful and resilient societies" as one of two main areas of action for Africa.

Issue date: 2013

Author: UNESCO





FGPEF Sensitizes Latriya Pupils On Peace Education

amily Gambia Peace Education Foundation (FGPEF) sensitized the pupils of Latriya Lower Basic School on peace education on   Friday at the school ground, Kombo North District, West Coast Region.

The forum aims at enlightening the students on the essential of peace, educate on the causes of conflict and mechanisms to maintain peace within the society brought together students, teachers and parents. It also sensitized the society on the relevant of peace education syllabus. Learn more ...

Source: TheVoiceGambia

Mandera County’s action plan against extremism bearing fruit

Mandera County has, for the past several years, been known for terror incidents that have led to many deaths and injuries. These attacks by suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists started in 2011 with 2014 marking the climax when, within ten days, 64 people were killed by the. The non-Somali population has been mostly the target of the extremists who for long have crossed into Mandera at will, caused mayhem and returned to the war-torn Somalia unhindered. The local community has also suffered the consequences of the presence of terror cells by being killed in suspicious and unexplained circumstances and also due to economic sanctions that have left them helpless. Learn more.....

Source: Nation Kenya

If we want students to feel safe at school, we can't encourage teachers to spot potential extremists

In the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack, former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair told a global education forum extremism should be treated as a global problem like climate change. He said: ''there should be an international agreement to put teaching against extremism into education systems around the world''. Following terrorist attacks, it’s understandable politicians want to come up with quick, tangible measures to prevent other incidents and to tackle the problem at what is seen to be its core. There is merit in Blair saying challenging prejudice “needs to begin at an early age” (in schools). But we must also be cautious when promoting kneejerk responses to complex issues, particularly when it involves the welfare and future of children. Learn more .....

Source: Australian National University

The water show Africa 2019

SAVE THE DATE The Water Show Africa is a unique conference and marketplace where water CEOs, government officials, senior executives and engineers come to explore solutions for developing investable and sustainable world class water projects throughout the African continent.

Learn more...


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