New perspectives in the fight against radicalisation: which preventive responses?


In recent years, 'jihadist terrorism' has become a transcontinental threat; there are multiple causes. The combination of unresolved political disputes and underdevelopment is a breeding ground for radicalisation and terrorism. This context has inspired important reforms in National Security System governance by political authorities.

The terms ‘radicalisation’ and ‘terrorism’ are very closely linked. It is nevertheless necessary to distinguish them, as an individual adhering to a radical ideology does not inevitably lead to them committing a violent act. Indeed, not all radicals are terrorists. Radicalisation is the process of the gradual adoption of rigid thinking that demands radical change in society by means that threaten democratic structures and institutions. It should be noted that at the international level, the United Nations does not propose a clear common definition. This may be explained by the historical will of States to maintain a form of flexibility in the management of these issues. Learn more..

Source : Geneva Center for Security Policy